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USB Convex Ultrasound Probe

InterAktiv Scan C10U USB Ultrasound 

B&W Convex Ultrasound Probe.

The USB Ultrasound is a 'wired' probe that connects to your existing  PC, Table or Phone using a micro USB connector and running Android or Window 8.1> operating system. 

Application can include:

  • Ob/Gyn
  • Urology
  • Small parts

Preset Protocols:

  • Small Parts
  • Nerve
  • PICC
  • General


  • -Scanning mode: Electronic array
  • -Display mode: B-mode,( B&W)
  • -Frequency: Convex probe 3.0-5.0Mhz                 
  • -Scan Depth:  < 240mm, 
  •  -128 Element
  •  -Frame rate 20f/s
  • -Measure: Distance, Area, volume, Ratio( distance or area), OB measurement package
  • Annotations: text, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, body mark.
  • Image Save: JPG, DICOM
  • -Weight: 150g
  • -Working system: Android  & Windows 8.1>

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