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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Pocket Ultrasound be connected to iSO & Android devises.

A: This depend on the the model of the Pocket Ultrasound, details are mention in the product specifications.

Q: Can the Pocket Ultrasound be connected to my existing devise.

A: Yes, if you have an existing devise make sure it's been updated to the latest software from the manufacture.

Q: Can I use the Pocket Ultrasound on multiple devises.

A: Yes, download the App to each devise then connect the Ultrasound probe using it's unique password on each devise. Make sure you're only using one devise at a time and disconnect the Probe from the devise/s that are not being used.

Q: Can I store images recorded by the Pocket Ultrasounds and how many.

A. Yes, this is determined by your devises capacity as the images are store in your photo library and can easily be sent to other devise that accept photos.

 Q: If I sharing my Esaote Ultrasound or want to use it for a different application can I upgrade it.

A: Yes, all the Esaote systems offer a shared services function for multiple users. Presets can also be customised to each individual user or application.

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